How We Can Help You


Our Services

  • Governance training and advice for boards, staff, members and other stakeholders
  • Incorporation Foundation Documents for not-for-profit and professional corporations, including:
    • by-laws
    • articles of incorporation
    • board charters
    • policies and rules of order
  • Regulatory Advice  for health and other regulated professions
  • Regulatory Advice for individuals and corporations operating in regulated environments
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and other agreements
  • Privacy policy development and handling breaches
  • Conflict of Interest advice and training
  • OHIP billing advice
  • Assistance with government submissions
  • Preparation of and responding to RFPs and RFIs

Our Approach

We aim to provide all of our clients with practical, cost-effective legal advice. We are approachable, forthright and communicate like people, not just like lawyers. While we cannot promise that a legal answer to a legal question will always be straightforward, we can promise that we will always strive to provide advice that will be useful and will provide you with the tools to weigh risks and make responsible decisions.

More about Cathi

Cathi Mietkiewicz is the principal lawyer at Mietkiewicz Law. Cathi advises regulators, associations and other organizations on issues ranging from board governance, contracts, privacy, and developing regulations, policies, by-laws and standards of practice.

Cathi provides practical, affordable advice to regulated professionals who are navigating their professional requirements and challenges.

Cathi’s previous experience as a regulated health professional and President of a self-regulatory body gives her a unique perspective.  Clients appreciate her insightful, straightforward and collaborative approach.

Cathi chairs conferences on professional regulation, and is often asked to present on all aspects of regulatory compliance and board governance. Cathi was pleased to serve as an independent director on the Board of Directors of Mohawk Shared Services from 2014-2017 and is now enjoying her role as Secretary of the Board of the Oakville-North Burlington PC Riding Association.