About Us


Mietkiewicz Law? CathiM Law?

Thank you for visiting our website. Why is it Mietkiewicz Law but the website is "cathimlaw.ca"? Well, it's because we realize that very few people can spell "Mietkiewicz" and we wanted to make finding us to be as  easy and straightforward as we promise our legal advice will be. 

You don't have to spell Mietkiewicz and you don't have to decipher our advice.

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How Can We Help You?

At Mietkiewicz Law we support regulators, associations, other not-for-profits  and  Retail and on-line operators in regulated industries to meet their objectives and legal responsibilities  in a cost-effective and practical manner.  

We are also pleased to assist individual regulated professionals and corporations with regulatory compliance advice and with professional corporation and other corporate advice


Cathi Mietkiewicz

HI. I'm Cathi Mietkiewicz of Mietkiewicz Law. I've spent the last decade advising regulators, associations and other not-for-profits on their governance, government relations, by-laws, policies, contracts and so much more that affects their every day operations. I have also been on the other side of receiving that kind of advice as a board member, regulator and regulated professional. So I get why practical, straight-forward, timely advice is important.  I look forward to being a part of your team that works to make your organization better and even more responsive. Please contact me if you think Mietkiewicz Law can help.


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